Do you want a meal plan that is easy to follow, tailored to you and gets you the results you are wanting?

Well look no further. Here are some simple ways to help you start designing a meal plan that’s right for you.

Establish your goal

If you’re creating the meal plan to save time then you’re going to include less variety and simple meals. Preparing the meals will not take much time and simple ingredients will be easy to pick up.

If however you want to widen the variety of foods that you’re consuming, the opposite is going to be of value. Including new recipes, lots of variety and with more ingredients.

Set your calorie target

Set the amount of calories you will be sticking to each day. Once this is clear you can then include meals that stay within this target. Using food trackers such as My Fitness Pal will make this process simple.

Click here to visit My Fitness Pal :

Include variety

Foods from all food groups should be included unless you suffer from intolerance’s/allergies. Getting a balance of all nutrients is important for your overall health. Using the Eatwell as a guide, you can start to select foods from different food groups to create meals that you enjoy. Once you’ve put together some meals you can then refer back to your calorie target to ensure you are meeting it. This may take a little bit of time to begin with but once you get the jist of it, it’ll become a habit.

Click the link to view the Eatwell Guide:

Make it simple

After you’ve created your meal plan it’s time to go back over to check it’s realistic. Getting creative and putting meals together is fun but do you have the time, resources and capability of making the meals?

I’d love you to share the foods included within your meal plan, Comment below or tag me at Georgia Johnson Personal Training. Share your journey with me and the TEAM!

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