Have you ever completed a workout and felt amazing?


Yes! Me too, It’s a great feeling isn’t it? and although this feeling may not last forever, it’s always a pleasant memory to think back to.

So how about the long term effects of exercise. If we can feel that good after just one workout imagine how good we can feel after several.

It’s true, fitness has always been a part of my life but I don’t just do it for the physical benefits, It’s the emotional too. Whether I’m feeling stressed, anxious, happy or sad, exercising is a form of release for me. A time for me to focus on the present environment and how my body is feeling. Some days I train intensely and other days a walk outdoors is enough.


How you can feel more than just the physical benefits from your workouts?

Having a goal that comes from within you matters. When you have an emotional connection to your goals it gives you a point to focus on. All the little decisions that get thrown your way such as, whether to workout or not? , whether to push past them limiting beliefs or give in…the answer is always clear. There’s only one way and that’s FORWARDS.

Exercise doesn’t have to be at the gym, which has became clear to many of us during this time of COVID-19. Walking, doing the housework and gardening are all forms of physical activity that can be a part of our daily routines.

To feel good find the form of activity YOU enjoy the most, It can be anything to get the body moving but should be in line with your goals.



Wendy Suzuki, a neuroscientist,  describes exercise as the ‘most transformative thing you can do for your brain today’.

Watch her TED Talks video here, as she brilliantly explains the benefits of exercise on the brain.


Research showed ‘better mood, better energy, better attention, better focus’ from an increase in physical activity.

From my own personal experience, I can back this up. Each morning when I wake up, I get my body moving WHY?… It helps to set my focus for the day and makes me feel GOOD.



Exercise has immediate effects including:

  • Improved focus
  • Better mood
  • Improved reaction times
  • Increased energy levels

and long term benefits too:

  • Helps to decrease the risk of developing diseases such as; cardiovascular disease, type 2 diabetes, and some cancers
  • Improve mental health
  • Strengthen muscles and bones


AND these are just a few!

As we can see exercise has many benefits and a positive impact on mood. The picture above is a message I received from one of my clients after completing a 1-1 session. Having bad days happens to us all but with exercise, we can get through them and come out stronger.

I’d love to know your favourite ways to get the body moving. Please share by commenting below.

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