Do you stick to your food plan all day but struggle to stay on track as the evening draws in?

Me too, I find evenings times are the time of day I’m most hungry so include evening meals in my plan to avoid dissastifaction.

To take the first steps in overcoming your late night cravings you should identify the cause. Are you wanting to eat because you are bored, hungry or stressed? Is there a possibility that you are not using your calories throughout the day efficiently?

Here are some ways to help you beat the late night cravings:

If you’re eating out of boredom:

  • Distract yourself and stay occupied. Instead of sitting in front of the TV do your cleaning or housework. Plan to do activities in the evening times when you are most likely to suffer with cravings.

If you’re eating to distress:

  • Instead of using food to distress you could try other methods such as exercise, yoga, meditation, salt baths or breathing techniques. Having some me time and going for an outdoor walk can be the perfect solution.

If you’re hungry:

  • If you’re ‘dieting’ and eating in a deficit there are going to be times of mild hunger. Before throwing the towel in have a look at what your calories are made up of, Are you wasting them on low value foods? Instead plan your meals eating regularly throughout the day and ensure that you’re getting enough protein within your diet by including it within every meal.

For more information on why protein is important and some sources, check out this blog where my fitness pal explains it in good detail:

Take home message…

Establish the cause of the cravings by keeping a track of your daily calories,If you’re within your targets situating an evening meal would be a way to turn the craving into a meal time. This is going to most sustainable as opposed to always battling the feeling of evening hunger. If you’re eating out of boredom situsting your workouts in the evening would be a way to stay distracted and include food consumption.

Me and GLC members usually include a small meal in the evening times, some of our favourites are dark chocolate and oats. Yum!

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