Have you been training for some time but struggling to see any progress?

You’re not alone and many others are in the same situation as you, here are some common things to avoid at the start of your fitness journey that will help increase your progress:

  • Pick a sustainable workout frequency

If your struggling to decide the number of times per week you can commit to training, I would always advise sticking with the lowest value. For instance if it falls between 3-4, I’d go with 3. It can be easy to go in all guns blazing and wanting to work out all the time but instead sticking with something that is sustainable longer term, will deliver the best results.

  • Gain a solid knowledge base

People have spent the time and money to become professionals within the fitness industry. To help set you off on the right path and provide you with some basic knowlege, investing in a coach is advisable. It’ll save you so much time!

If not I would advise doing your research (be mindful of the sources you use), theres alot more to training then ‘just picking up some weights’.

  • Stop being lazy and inconsistent

Each workout should be planned into your weekly routine and have a purpose to it. By having a plan in place you’re more likely to stick to it and push yourself to go to the gym even on the days when you dont feel like it.  Having a training partner is another good way to increase consistency and it can help you get more out of your sessions by giving you the push when its needed.

  • Take your journey serious even after leaving the gym

After the session is over it doesn’t stop there, your lifestyle factors such as your eating habits, sleep, recovery and hydration are all going to play a role on your progress. If you’re serious about progressing towards your goals you need to be switched on all day, everyday. Nights out, meals outs and lack of sleep will have an impact on the results you achieve.

Before starting your journey your vision should be crystal clear. You should know excatly what you want to achieve so that the action steps can be planned to be in line with your goals.

Do you want to give this your best shot and achieve your best results or are you looking for a more relaxed approach? Having a vision that truly means something to you will make adherence much easier and give your training a purpose.

If you’re looking for help when it comes to planning your training and nutrition, reach out .