If you’re currently struggling to make exercise a part of your daily routine then this post can help you out.

I provide all team members with a personal plan whether training at home or the gym. This takes us onto point number one; Have a plan in place before heading into any home workouts. This will not only give the workout a purpose but you’ll be able to track the progress being made with each one.

Point number two, Remind yourself of your goal. If you dont yet have a fitness goal for 2021 then I suggest establishing this first and writing it down (this gives it so much more meaning). Once you have your goal infront of you read it, ideally daily and again before your workout.

Progress can be made at home (check out my page for some amazing results: G’s Insta Page) but you have to want it! Theres ways around making progress with minimal equipment, space, time and if you want me to show you, feel free to reach out.

Just move! Point number three, get your body moving! Put your favourite music on and have a dance around, just make sure nobody is watching, just kidding. Something I do is play around with Bruno (my puppy), we put music on and have a dance/play together, he loves it.

Client Tracy likes to use a Youtube Channel called Up to the Beat with Gina B. The music is uplifting and videos are easy to follow. Heres the link to check it out: Up to the BEat Fit – YouTube.

Taking your workout outdoors or to a different enviroment/room in the house. Point five, If you’ve been looking at the same 4 walls all day long, attempting to workout there aswell will not separate your workouts from your work day. Instead take your workouts outdoors or if the weathers bad, taking them into a separate room to your work space.

Final point, Is today the day for a beasty workout? although this goes against previous points, I want to see the bigger picture. If your really not feeling a workout today then maybe some other form of activity. How about a long walk outdoors, or taking part in a free yoga class online. If nothing is appealing to you, I suggest going over point number one, two and connect to your deeper meaning.

We all get days that can seem overwhelming, instead of beating yourself up give yourself a smaller activity goal to be achieved for that day.


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