Lockdown isn’t something that any of us could have prepared for, but this time around, now being in lockdown 3, I’ve found it easier to find the right routine for me. Although its been hard to not spend time with friends, family and clients, I’ve had to adapt and want to share my highs and lows with you.


It’s been nice to spend time with my mum and close family members, but on some days I have felt isolated. I’m such a people person and love spending time with others; not being able to do that has left me feeling lonely some days. When I feel like this, I’ve been doing something to distract myself or reaching out to speak to a friend. We’re so lucky to have the technology that we do, plus video calls are as close to being with the other person as can be in these circumstances.

Closing the doors of my studio was hard, especially after only being open for a short time beforehand. Lots of hard work and energy was put into getting the studio ready, so to see it not being used is such a shame.

However, it’s in safe hands and will be ready for our return… we might even have some new additions that I can’s wait to show you.

I know it’s been hard for team members to not have their daily visit to the gym, and I’ve seen clients struggling with home-schooling. I wish I could help out! Clients spending more time at home has encouraged us to be creative with how we fit exercise into their lifestyles. This has been fun and a learning experience for both.


Restrictions have meant that I’ve spent much more time at home then I would usually. This has allowed me to get to know myself better and spend more time with my mum, who I would only see in passing previously. This is something that will be continuing after restrictions are lifted and has made me realise that having free time is not a bad thing.

Lovely walk out with mum

As I mentioned earlier, I’ve got to know myself much better during this lockdown and realise that I’m not a night owl. Being able to get to bed at the same time each night has had a positive impact on my daily energy levels. Sleep is a priority and so is work to me, the hecticness of my pre lockdown schedule could see me neglecting sleep to get more done – however I can now say I have balance. I’m able to get seven hours sleep every night and this has been a game changer.

I’ve been able to spend all day with my fur baby, Bruno. If you’ve not already met Bruno, then he’s my beagle puppy. He’s such a handsome boy with lots of energy, so being able to spend lots of time training will hopefully have a positive impact on his behaviour long term… I HOPE!

Walkies with Bruno

Lockdown 3 has come with its highs and lows. I’d love to do some more travelling and spend time with friends and family outside of my household, but I realise the environment is out of my control. I’m grateful for all that I have and taking away distractions has made this much clearer.


  1. Emma says:

    This has been a great read Georgia, lockdown has had an affect on all of us, in different ways. Still having your support all be it on what’s app or zoom, has kept me motivated to carry on training and not give up. I find your Instagram page a great method of catching up with the ladies from your group sessions, whom I miss loads! I cannot wait to see your studio! X

    • Georgia Johnson says:

      Thanks Emma! I agree, we’ve made good use of technology and been able to continue working towards your goals. The studio is in safe hands and we’re ready for you as soon as we can! Also, group sessions will be commencing as soon as restrictions are lifted, in the meantime I’ll be doing them via Zoom.
      Well done for your commitment during these times,

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