Good health is priceless and although not all in our control, there are several areas that we can take control of. Here are my current top four tips for living a healthier lifestyle…

1.Sleep is a priority.

If you work best following 8 hours sleep then getting 8 hours sleep each night should be a priority. Sleep is essential, especially if you want to work at your best and achieve optimal results.

If you’re currently getting less than 6 hours sleep per night then it’s worth looking into ways to get more.

2. Daily Exercise.

Not everyday do you need to hit up the gym for a heavy weighted session in order to get a good workout completed. If time is a restraint then getting out for a a nice walk is enough and should be seen as a win.

Being in the mindset that it has to be one way, or no way is only going to add stress and result in nothing being done. Instead on the days you can prioritise more time to training, DO. Whereas If your work schedule is busy, a 30 min session before you head into the office could be the perfect way to start the day.

3. Balanced Food Choices.

I understand that some days you don’t have time to prepare meals from scratch. Me neither and that’s why I encourage prepping in advance.

Setting aside a couple of hours per week to plan and prepare your meals could be the difference in achieving your goals and not. It can take as little as 2 hours to plan your shopping list, get the shopping and batch cook meals for the week.

4. 15mins of FUN!

Giving yourself a 15 minute breather each day is a great hack! Putting away the to do list, switching off the phone and just doing something that makes you happy!

It’s a real game changer!