I’m so excited to be opening my studio doors again on 12th April. Since restrictions were put in place, many of us have been continuing to train from home and sessions have been provided either via zoom or outdoors. I understand that virtual sessions aren’t for everybody, but they have suited many of you and for that reason Zoom sessions will continue once the studio reopens. This allows for an even wider range of options when selecting the right program for you. You will have the choice of in person, online, virtual online (Zoom) or outdoor sessions.  I’ll also be opening up my calendar for one off sessions for the period between 12th April and 30th April, this will give you the chance to train in my brand new facility but without the long term commitment. To book your session reach out here; Contact – Georgia Johnson Personal Training, Urmston.

Since restrictions were put in place in December 2020, we’ve had new additions to the gym which I’m very excited to share with you. This includes our brand-new leg press, hyperextension machine (this machine works the backs of the legs, bum and lower back) our wall of amaze and pink sign!

Although excitement is high right now, I want to make clear that safety is paramount. Measures have been put in place so that your return to the gym is as safe as can be.

Saftey Measures

I’ve included an infographic below that shows the measures in place;


Due to me being a private facility social distancing is easily maintained. It’ll only ever be me and you (one person), in here at one time. This is something that can be hard to maintain in a larger facility or corporate gyms. If you’ve previously experienced this please don’t put me in the same bracket.

Looking forward to seeing you on the 12th April and taking back control. In the meantime let’s continuing doing what we can to stay healthy, stay active and feel good!