So this is something that I get asked frequently, and I don’t have one answer. Instead, I have a few answers that I feel all together make it much easier for me to stay on track. In short, I am a very disciplined person, but I know that that isn’t going to help you. I can’t just tell you to be disciplined and that you are going to go away and become disciplined as it doesn’t work like that! So, instead there are some different techniques that I use and different beliefs that I believe in, that make me disciplined and help me stay on track.

So, one of those is that I am very goal orientated. I like to break my goals up into smaller goals. I set goals for myself. Yearly goals, I have my lifetime goals, I have monthly goals, weekly goals and even daily goals. The reason why I do this is because my daily goals will take me closer to my weekly goals, my weekly goals will take me closer to my monthly goals and my monthly goals will take me closer to my yearly goals, and the yearly goals will take me to those lifetimes big goals that I have for myself. But by doing that I don’t have to focus on all the goals in the future that I have to achieve, instead I’m just focusing on that one daily goal that I need to achieve today, in order to take me one step closer. So, by having small micro goals, this is a great way for you to focus on the now, and stay on track right now and not worry about what’s to come in the future!

Prioritizing my time and planning in advance is something that I’m very big on too, and a reason why I find it much easier to stay on track. As an example, I work out every morning. It’s scheduled into my calender. I don’t have clients in that hour because that is my time to do my workout, and to work towards my fitness goals to stay fit and healthy so that I can help even more people. By prioritising my time, and putting different time blocks in in which I’m working towards certain aspects of my life, then I know that things are going to get done that need to get done!

The last thing that I do to stay on track, and this is something that I only really do if I’m really close to achieving the goal (and there’s days or maybe a week left where I don’t want anything to get in the way), is that I will avoid triggers. Triggers for me might be where I’m sat In my kitchen working, where I’m surrounded by food. I won’t do that when I’m in a fat loss phase, low on calories, tired and hungry, as this will make it so much harder for myself. Therefore, I avoid triggers, and this is something I advise you to do also. This doesn’t mean that you must become a recluse and seclude yourself from your family and social events, no! But explaining to friends and family what your goal is, and the reason why you may attend the event (let’s say a wedding as an example) but you are not going to drink. That’s the reason why, so instead of your social circle making you feel pressured, and telling you that you are boring, and you should have a drink, ‘one drink will do no harm’ Instead your friends should be supporting you and understanding your situation. When you explain to your friends, I’ve noticed that they actually respect the situation you’re in and want to support you.

So, they are the three things that help me to stay on track, and that compound together to make it much easier for me. I really hope this helps you too!

Have a lovely day,

G x

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