What’s my goal?

At the moment I’m in a fat loss phase. My cureent calorie and macro split is:

1850 calories 160g protein, 186g carbs, 51g fat

*DISCLAIMER: this split is personal to me and may not be suitable for you*


Upon waking I always have a large glass of water and cup coffee to start the day.

Meal One

My favourite meal of the day that I have most days. It just hits the spot for me.

Meal Two and Three

Pre workout today was an apple with almond butter around 30mins before my stay active session.

Post workout was a chocolate protein shake with ice, oats and water. This was soooo needed after a killer session!

Meal Four

The chicken was left overs from last nights tea. I love to be prepped in advance as its saves so much time.

Meal Five

Very similar to meal four, usually I would go home to prepare a fresh dish but today’s workload meant that I had to stay at the studio all day. I always have supplies in for when times like this occur.