So today I want to talk about some techniques that I use, and some techniques that work for clients of mine when we’re working towards a specific goal, usually fat loss but not always. Here’s what we do when we have lots of events coming up in the calendar, but don’t want to stray too far off track.

Hope you find it helpful 🙂

Point 1

The first and the most important one that I always make clear to clients, this is a journey and lifestyle.

If it’s one event that’s coming up and eating/drinking what you want is how you get enjoyment out of events, then do it. Its one evening off, you’re probably going to get more benefits than a negatives, so go and enjoy yourself.

I’d be strategic, be smart about what you are doing. Don’t binge because you are off plan for one evening, but go and enjoy yourself and GO FOR IT!, the next day get up and get back to it!

Point 2

Number two is letting your friends and social circle know what your mission is. When your social circle is clear about the goals your working towards, they’ll be supportive of you.

Instead of meeting up to go out for food or drinks, you can meet up in the park and have a picnic where you can bring your own food. You could even go on a nice long hike somewhere, maybe climb a mountain. When your friends are on the same page as you, then they understand, and will be more open to doing things together that are inline with your goals.

Point 3

Another technique that I use with clients and myself is manipulating calories for that day. So, if I know that I’m going for a meal out that evening, I might leave myself say 600-700 calories so that I know I can pretty much fit a meal within those calories and still be within my calorie target for that day.

Point 4

The last point that I want to make clear is if we are working towards a fat loss goal, we are not always going to be working towards a fat loss goal! It’s going to be a challenge when working towards a goal you’ve not achieved before, getting uncomfortable is part of the process and challenge.

So if there’s a period where you have events on every single weekend, is now the right time to be pushing towards fat loss? Or is it just going to leave you feeling demotivated when you are not achieving results?

I think it’s important to fit in certain phases of your training around your life events, because there are some events that we can’t change and only happen once in a lifetime. Prioritsing where your focus lies is what I want to conclude on!

I hope you found this helpful, and always remember to give everything your best shot!