Staying active is something that I feel a lot of people over complicate. We feel that in order to live an active lifestyle, it has to take over our life and we have to be constantly doing something active, and that just isn’t the case.

So today I’m going to go through some simple ways that you can get active and fit activities into your lifestyle without feeling that they’re taking over your life.

  • First, setting a daily step goal. This is something I do for my clients and myself, as having that target to aim for each day encourages you to get moving whilst not taking up much of your time. You tend to get your steps in whilst doing other jobs on the to-do list.

  • Another option could be to arrange a weekly hike with friends. So instead of arranging to meet up with friends to go out for food and drinks, you could meet up with each other to go for a lovely hike in the country side. You’d be surprised at the beautiful destinations that are within a short commute, do some research to find ones that stick out to you.

  • Take business calls whilst exercising. The beauty of technology and having things like air pods and Bluetooth, we can practically take a call in any corner of the world so why take a call being sat down? Get moving around! Get on the treadmill or walk around outside whilst taking your business calls. This is another great way to increase your daily steps in order to hit that daily step target we were talking about before.

  • Going for a swim is a very simple way to get active. Swimming pools are now open and if you like swimming, it definitley counts as a form of activity.

  • You could do some form of class, yoga or stretch. That could be going to a yoga studio and booking on to a class or you could search on the internet (YouTube has loads of videos, I’ll link some in this blog that you can check out and learn some of the basic moves)

(39) Yoga With Adriene – YouTube

(39) – YouTube

  • The final one would be booking in for a PT session. This is a great way to learn the basics whilst being a time efficent option too. Gym trainign doesn’t take all day which seems to be a belief that many have before trying. If you want to book in for a 1 hr 1-1 session, reach out here to give it a try!


I hope that you found this blog helpful, I do encourage everybody to do what they can to stay active. It’s beneficial to your short term health whilst also being so so good for your long term health!