Hey guys! So today I’m going to talk about eating out whilst dieting. It’s recently been my birthday so I have had a couple of meals out and I’m currently on a dieting phase so I thought it would be helpful to share some tips that I’ve been doing and that have been helping me stay on track. 

So, number one is I’ve been making sure that I’ve been hitting my water intake. My goal at the moment is between 4-5 litres every day and I’ve been making sure that I’m drinking that before I’m going out for my meal. Then also drinking water with the meal that I have.  

When choosing what to eat, I always have a look at the menu before I go to the restaurant. I avoid things that are in creamy sauces or salty dishes because salt causes us to retain water so you would usually find the next day you’re quite inflamed and feel a little bit puffy and watery, that’s just from the increase of salt. Especially when you’ve been eating a bland diet to eating something with spices and sauces on, sometimes it doesn’t sit very good. 

Something else I do is instead of ordering a main meal, I like to share with other dinner guests. We tend to get a few appetisers between all of us and share. This means that we get to try more stuff on the menu, but it also means that you’re not eating really large portions and instead you’re eating at a slower pace and eating less food. When it comes to starters, mains, and desserts, in most cases it’s likely that if you choose to have all three, you’re going to be eating more calories as opposed to if you were to just choose one-two. Like I say, I think that appetisers to share between all dinner guests is a great idea. If that is not an option, I’d stick with a starter and a main, or a main and a dessert. I think all three when you’re dieting is just going to put those calories a little bit further over a field then what you could get back for that week. So try to stick to either one or two courses if you can.  

Alcohol. So if alcohol is something that you want to drink when you are out, try to stick to clear white spirits and avoid beers, wines, ciders or alcopops that have a lot of sugar in them and are quite high calorie. If you could not drink, then that would be some more calories that you’re not over consuming but if its something you do want to enjoy whilst you’re out then do drink responsibly and try not to over consume. 

When dieting and your calories are quite low, when you have a meal out it’s very similar to a refeed meal and the day after I feel strong. The day after a meal out is a real great time to plan a killer session and put all the calories to good use. I would also advise planning your meals out on training days, you’re going to be burning a few extra calories on your training days as opposed to your non training days, so that’s always a good idea.  

Another one is calorie manipulation. So, let’s say you’re having an evening meal out with friends, I would skip your usual evening meal and save those calories to put towards your meal out. If you were eating out for your breakfast meal then you with skip your breakfast, enjoy your breakfast out and then you might even cut your midmorning snack before continuing as normal with lunch and then forwards. 

So they are my top tips for eating out whilst dieting! Of course, if you don’t go out very often and you’re going out for a special occasion you should go and enjoy yourself. You shouldn’t be feeling guilty about eating out. That is definitely not something I want to promote, however on the other hand when we do have a goal in mind and we are working towards a fat loss goal, eating out isn’t in line with that because we have to control our calories in order to make sure that our bodies are losing fat. I think if you can plan events outside of the times that you’re working towards a fat loss goal, then that would be ideal. Of course, sometimes things are going to crop up and we are going to have events that we must attend whilst we are working towards a goal, so these tips can help you during those times. 

Hope this has been helpful for you!