Working towards a training goal doesn’t mean that you must be training every single day. I feel like this is a misconception that many people believe. Of course, if you’re working towards extreme weight loss or weight gain, then you are probably going to have to dedicate some time everyday towards achieving that goal, but for most it doesn’t mean that we have do workouts seven days a week to get to where we want to be.

Therefore here’s how to pick the right training split for you and some tips to consider before you plan your workout schedule.  

  • Point number one is TIME. You need to decide how many days a week you can dedicate to your workout. You need to take into consideration that you may have daily activity goals too, so at what times of the day can you fit that activity into your schedule. Best way to do this is to get your schedule out in front of you, slot in your workouts around other commitments such as work and childcare. 
  • Point two is RECOVERY. You want to avoid working the same muscle groups consecutively as you need to recover in between your sessions so you can give 100%. If you can train three times a week the below schedule is a good place to start:

Whereas, if you can train four times a week something like this could work:

  • Point three is to PRIORITISE. Prioritise your toughest sessions when you have more time to dedicate to them, are feeling rested and recovered. If you have a certain muscle group that you want to grow, prioritising these workouts in the same way is a great idea. I use this technique, Monday’s are always my strongest and toughest session of the week because I rest over the weekend so feel at my strongest on a Monday. You should give it a try too, it’s a gamechanger!

Thanks for reading today’s blog, I hope you can take something away from it and create the perfect training split for you! Do let us know in the comments below, speak soon!

G x