Hey team! 

Today I want to go over a topic that will hopefully make your life much easier when you are in a dieting phase.

It’s something that I think we over complicate and confuse with being in a lifestyle phase. Separating the two will give you clarity and reduce the risk of picking up habits such as; yo-yo dieting and never achieving your goal. 

What’s the difference?

Below I’ve done a graphic so you can see some of the main points in which you might be experiencing when you’re in a dieting phase and some of the main points of what you might be experiencing when you’re in a lifestyle phase.  

As you can see, they are very different.

When we’re dieting, we are restricting our calories and will have to say no to certain occasions, until our goal is met. I always ask my clients what events they have coming up during a dieting phase as we have to consider the changes to their eating habits. There’s certainly ways to work around a busy schedule whilst in a dieting phase, but we have to weigh up the pros/cons. If you want to be successful then making the process as easy as possible will have the best returns so planning dieting phases during quieter months, is advisable. 

When we’re in a lifestyle phase, that is when we are going to think about events, spending more time with friends and family, eating out, and enjoying ourselves because we have to live and that’s okay! Having a balanced approach during a lifestyle phase should leave you feeling relaxed and ready to give a dieting phase 100% when it next comes around. 

So remember, a diet is a phase! It’s not going to be forever and when you understand this, It’ll make your diet much easier to adhere too! 

I hope you’ve found this helpful, let me know in the comments below.

Good luck with your diets!  


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