Hey Team! Today’s blog is all about dieting on a budget! Now dieting is something that people can think is an expensive thing to do, but that is not necessarily true. There are ways that you can go about it if you’re on a budget and not let this prevent you from getting started.  


First, let’s cover protein. I’ve listed some favourites below, and some others that you might want to try are; turkey, cottage cheese, sardines and milk. Some sources that you might want to avoid due to the expense include; steak, salmon, tofu, protein enhanced foods such as pasta’s, rices and protein bars.

The initial investment for a tub of protein powder is usually between £20-£30 for a tub. However, the tub will last you a good couple of months, so the initial investment might be quite high however it will last you quite a while so it’s worth it! I’ll link some protein powders below: 


Now let’s move onto carbohydrates. They’re the least expensive of the three macro nutrient groups and easily accessible. You can buy most sources in bulk so they last you a while. I’ve listed some below;


The final food group we’re going to explore is fats. Fats can be expensive but if you’re happy to stick with similar ones, you can hit your fat goals on a budget. Some of the more expensive sources include: raw nuts, nut butters (certain brands), salmon, red meat, dark chocolate. Do your research as some brands are much cheaper than others so you could find ones that work within your budget. I’ve listed some of the cheaper options below;

Top Tips

So before I end today’s blog I want to finish with some top tips to help you get the most out of your diets. Some tactics that are going to help you:

  • Plan your shopping list before you go to the shops.
  • Plan your week of meals in advance.
  • Buy frozen produce to avoid wastage.
  • Meal Prep.

I hope you found todays blog helpful?. As you can see, you can certainly diet on a budget and don’t let this hold you back. If you know of any other sources that I haven’t mentioned above, please share them.  

Good luck with this phase, stick with it and enjoy!