Welcome to my fitness journey blog!

Today I’m going to share with you my fitness journey so far as it’s something I get asked a lot and I feel that many of you will be able to resonate with me. I was once a beginner just like many of you and after years of consistency, I’ve come from where I once was to where I am right now….Living a healthy and balanced life!

If by sharing my story inspires others, then I certainly want to do that.


Let’s start by talking through my childhood. Growing up I was a very active kid, always playing out with my friends and taking part in group activities. I did dance, gymnastics, horse-riding and many more, so exercise has always been a part of my routine. My family are an active family which I think has had an impact on me and my siblings growing up. My mum was a swimmer, my dad was a footballer and all my brothers play football. Over the years I’ve played on the girl’s football team, rounders team, gymnastics, horse-riding, to be honest there’s not many sports I’ve not tried. My parents have always been supportive and would let me try any activity I wanted too and when I wasn’t taking part in an activity, me and my friends would be playing out, climbing trees and causing mayhem in the neighbourhood!

When I was younger, I was fortunate enough to have my own pony. Her name was Looby Lou and she looked exactly like black beauty, as you can see in the picture! Having Looby Lou taught me discipline. I would be up at 5 o’clock in the morning, mucking out before I’d go to school for the day. As soon as I would hear the school bell ring, I’d get home as fast as I could to get to the farm. I would challenge myself to see if I could beat my last time haha. I feel the discipline that I gained during my childhood has now transpired into where I am now and the discipline that I have with my training and nutrition. I no longer have Looby Lou but plan to have a horse again in the furture.

Discovering the gym

I was around 16 when I started going to the gym. The first time I went to the gym was with one of my brothers. He showed me some exercises and how to use the equipment, I honestly just fell in love with it. The way that I felt after I completed the workout, I felt proud of myself, energised and I couldn’t wait to go again. The passion was there right from the get-go. I understand it’s not like that for everybody and not everybody enjoys going to the gym, but for me it really was a place that I wanted to spend as much time as I could and still do to this day!

Me and my brother flexing in 2017.

I’d lift the same weights as him! (he’ll kill me for that lol!)

Training with one of my brothers didn’t last too long, siblings have that type of relationship where you don’t like them telling you what to do. Even now looking back, he was certainly asking me to do unrealistic things at times, however, he did teach me proper form for the core exercises and opened my eyes to the gym, this i’ll always be grateful for. My other brother Daniel in the pictures, we’d train together alot. We had a routine of gym, sauna and then go for food. I’m looking forward to being able to train again with him soon as we do make a great team.

My first gym membership was at the leisure centre, I’d go here with my brother or Mum. My Mum loves Zumba so I’d join in sometimes or I’d use the gym whilst she did the class. I don’t have the coordination for Zumba, she’d laugh at me all the time but I’d still give it my best shot hehe.

Turning my passion into a career

After my membership at the leisure centre, I  joined Paramount fitness which was the gym that really kicked started my fitness career. It was the gym that I first rented space from when I became a personal trainer. That place will have a massive place in my heart forever! I’ll never forget the people there, il never forget the look of the gym, the feel of the gym and everything about it! It was home to me; I spent a lot of time there, training to start with and then when I completed my personal training qualification, working there!

Posing G! 2018

Post workout selfie 2018

Whilst being a member at Paramount, I was working at a doctor’s surgery which I enjoyed, I love working with people. After a couple of years of training, the gym started to take over. I would go to the gym before work, I’d go to the gym after work, and every evening I would sit and study. I’d study athletes, their diets, their training regimes, and how they got to where they are. I was just really interested in all areas of the human body, living a healthy lifestyle and training. I’d sit there for hours and just research. I’d create my own training plans, my own food guides and test them. After a couple of years of training at the gym and being really into living a healthy lifestyle, it got to the point where it was taking over. I’d be at work in the doctor’s surgery but thinking about the gym. It soon became clear that my time at the doctors was great and I learnt a lot, but that wasn’t where I was supposed to be. The gym was where I needed to be, so I saved up to do my personal training qualification, which meant I had to work alot of hours but I did it. At one point I had three jobs. I’d work during the day, evenings a few and weekends but I’d still find the time to do my course work plus train. Completing my personal training qualification wasn’t like work, it was so much fun, and I loved learning everything that we covered. We had great coaches and I met a lovely group of people who where gettig qualified at the same time. I still speak to them now. I did my qualification with Premier Global, who I’d highly recommend.

Once I passed my qualification I was able to start seeing clients in the gym which was amazing! For a little while I was juggling working at the doctor’s surgery and trying to set up my own personal training business. I did this probably for about a year, the doctor’s surgery were really good and supportive of me so let me drop my hours down gradually which meant I was able to still have a steady income from the doctors whilst building up my personal training business. Then it got to a point where my client base was expanding and something had to give. There is only so many hours in the day and I was struggling to fit everything in. In my heart I knew where my passion was, I knew what I had to do but did doubt myself sometimes. Being self-employed is a massive step! But I knew it was the next step for me and that I had to do it, so I did!I ended up leaving the doctors surgery and it all worked out. Having the time to dedicate to my business was what I needed to allow me to grow my client base. It’ s been amazing journey so far!

Completing a group session with the lovely members at Paramount!

How my training and nutrition has evolved

Training over the years for me has been consistent. Since starting the gym when I was around 16 years old, I don’t think more than 2, maybe 3 days have passed where I haven’t been in the gym. I love it there!  My training has changed in regards to having much better knowledge now of what I’m doing. I think at the beginning of your career, every beginner makes mistakes and if I had the knowledge that I have now at the beginning of my career, I would have been able to make more progress than what I have done. It’s all a learning curve, there’s nothing I regret and I’m so soooo glad that I got started! Learning, growing and evolving motivates me, so I’m looking forward to whats to come.

When I first started training, the goals I set for myself were physique focused. It didn’t take long for me to realise that it wasn’t really that which was making me go and be consistent with my training. Instead, it was how it was making me feel, how good I felt after completing a workout. How good it felt to achieve goals that once seemed impossible.

If you’re struggling to be consistent, then my advice would be to check in on the goals you’re setting for yourself.


Growing up as a kid my parents weren’t strict parents in regards to what we had to eat. They were relaxed and we were allowed to help ourselves to the crisps and chocolate whenever we wanted too. I’ve always been a slim girl. I’m short, have a small frame and have always looked a lot younger than I am (hopefully this one will stick around lol)! When I started going to the gym and doing my research, I realised that you need to fuel your body in order to train properly and get the most out of your training.

Seeing nutrition as fuel is a really good way to look at it and when I realised this, my nutrition fell into place.

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What’s next for G?

I’m currently in prep for a photoshoot which will be in 7 days. This is my current focus and then after the shoot, I’l be moving into a maintainance phase whilst my focus will shift to improving my business. I’ll be sharing my photoshoot images so do keep your eyes peeled for them.

Thanks for reading todays blog! I hope you have learnt more about me and enjoyed the read. As I said at the beginning, even if I have just inspired one person then that is a massive win!


P.S Here are some images of me throughout my fitness journey and if you want to hear me talk about my fitness journey, CHECK OUT MY YOUTUBE VIDEO:


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